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best hotels

Hotels in RomePrices from $35 per night

Hotels in Rome. The city of romance and love offers many accommodation choices, from budget to luxury. Whether it be near the Coliseum, the Vatican or the Spanish Steps, we have hotels for you, from $35 per night.

Hotels in ParisPrices from $38 per night

The Hotels of Paris are famous for luxury and charm. Who can forget the Hotel George Cinq, which features in many movies and tv shows.As you walk along the Seine and the Champs Elysee there are many hotels to choose from, but also much accommodation in the back streets, at a fraction of the price.Prices from $38 per night

Hotels in AmsterdamPrices from $25 per night
Amsterdam is a city popular with visitors of all varieties and has accommodation to match. Views of the Canals are considered the most desirable, but you will have plenty of places to choose from. Prices from $25 per night.
Hotels in Washington DCPrices from $60 per night

Hotels in Washingon cater for tourists and the many businessmen passing through the nations capital. Prices from $60 per night.

Hotels in LondonPrices from $65 per night

London is a world city with hotels to prove it. There are many world famous landmark hotels, made glamorous by the rich and famous, but there are also hundreds of great hotels that still leave plenty of money in your pocket. Prices from $65 per night.Please search under 'West London'.

Hotels in DubaiPrices from $72 per night

Dubai is rapidly becoming considered one of the wonders of the modern world, with its futuristic skyline , state of the art facilities and endless sandy beaches. And it has the Hotels to match. Tall hotels that seem to disappear into the sky, and ones more modest in height too. Many of these hotels are, literally, the last word in luxury. Prices from $72 per night.&

Hotels in TokyoPrices from $17 per night

One of the worlds true mega-cities. A center of Business and the nations capital. Set against a background of mountains and cherry blossom. We have a choice of 200 hotels from $17 a night.

Hotels in BudapestPrices from $39 per night

Once the joint capital of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary. Budapest is now the thriving centre of an independent European nation.Hotel prices from $39 per night.

Hotels in BucharestPrices from $46 per night

Capital of Romania and the largest city in the Balkans. Bucharest has a charming old town untouched by the ravages of war and communism.Elsewhere in the City are massive monuments to totalitarianism such as the Parliament Building, the second largest public building in the world.There is even an Arc De Triomphe !.

Hotels in MadridPrices from $56 per night

Madrid, once the capital of the Spanish Empire is now a beautifil European capital reflecting those hundreds of years of empire in its architecture, museums and lovely restaurants.

Hotels in Malaga, SpainPrices from $39 per night

Malaga, unofficial capital of the Costa Del Sol, has plenty of Andalucian style; great food, cultural and classy.Wonderful restaurants , bars and nightlife, one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous.

Hotels in Mumbai, IndiaPrices from $53 per night

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is one of the largest cities in India.A massive metropolis with lots to explore. And of course home to the enormous 'Bollywood' film industry, plus some delicious curries.

Hotels in Johannesburg, South AfricaPrices from $30 per night

Johannesburg, formerly the capital of South Africa, is an ideal base to explore South Africa and neighboring countries.Try out a Safari or visit one of the National Parks or take a trip to one of the many beaches.

Hotels in Beijing , ChinaPrices from $43 per night

Beijing is the capital of China and home to the splendors of Chinese imperial past such as the forbidden city and the famous Tianamen Square.

Hotels in Rio de JaneiroPrices from $60 per night

Rio is a famous venue for Carnival, but you can party every day in this fun city with great entertainment and of course the Copacabana Beach.

Hotels in Tel Aviv, IsraelPrices from $21 per night

Tel Aviv, a great base from which to explore Jerusalem, and spend some time on the long sandy beaches too.

Hotels in Sydney, AustraliaPrices from $78 per night

Sydney with its iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge is a friendly vibrant modern city with an amazing mix of cultures.

Hotels in Sofia, BulgariaPrices from $47 per night.

Sofia ,the capital city of Sofia has a huge range of hotels, and all of them are surprisingly cheap.Sofia is a relatively small city and with its new Metro system it is easy to get around. There is much to explore.

Hotels in PraguePrices from $27 per night

Prague is one of those cities that just must be visited.Art,Culture, Architecture, bars restaurants and nightlife , it has it all.

Hotels in Milan, ItalyPrices from $17 per night

Milan, Italy in the Spring. One of the most cultured and beautiful places in the world. For pleasure and leisure it is perfect.

Hotels in AthensPrices from $17 per night

Hotels in Athens from just $17 per night.Explore ancient Athens the cradle of Democracy and Civilization.

Hotels in St. Petersburg,RussiaPrices from $32 per night

Hotels in picturesque St. Petersburg.

Hotels in CancunPrices from $54 per night

Great Value Hotels in Cancun, Mexico

Hotels in Los AngelesPrices from $67 per night

Great Hotels in Los Angeles. Prices from $67 per night.

Hotels in San FranciscoPrices from $47 per night.

A large selection of hotels in San Francisco at great prices. From $47 per night.

Hotels in Atlanta, GeorgiaPrices from $50 per night

Great value hotels in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hotels in Miami, FloridaPrices from $65 per night

Hotels in Miami. Florida

Hotels in Orlando, FloridaPrices from $45 per night

Big choice of Hotels in Orlando,Florida.

Hotels in Brussels, BelgiumPrices from $50 per night

Beautiful Brussels.Perfect for a break.

Hotels in Munich, GermanyPrices from $50 per night

Munich, historic and beautiful Bavarian city and home of the Octoberfest. Great hotels in top locations.

Hotels in Warsaw, PolandPrices from $44 per night

Hotels in Warsaw, Poland.

Hotels in Stockholm, SwedenPrices from $45 per night

Some great hotels in Stunning Stockholm.

Hotels in Oslo,NorwayPrices from $53 per night

Many great value Hotels in the Norwegian capital.

Hotels in Helsinki,FinlandPrices from $65 per night

Finland's beautiful capital. Some great value hotel accommodation.

Hotels in Vienna, AustriaPrices from $56 per night

Once the capital of a great Empire, Vienna has many places of charm and sophistication.And Hotels to match.

Hotels in Naples, ItalyPrices from $49 per night

The Neopolitan joy of life, with Vesuvius in the background. An ideal vacation destination.

Hotels in San Juan, Puerto RicoPrices from $78 per night

San Juan, Puerto Rico.Ideal at any time.Great hotels at reasonable prices.

Hotels in Montego Bay, JamaicaPrices from $43 per night

Hotels in Montego Bay.A place in paradise.

Hotels in Grand CaymanPrices from $117 per night

The Cayman Islands, the Pearl of the West Caribbean.

Hotels in MoscowPrices from $45 per night

A range of accommodation in Moscow.

Hotels in Edinburgh, ScotlandPrices from $23 per night

Hotels in the Scottish capital.

Hotels in Oxford, U.K.Prices from $56 per night

Take a break among the dreaming spires of one of the world's most famous University towns.

Hotels in Cork, IrelandPrices from $60 per night

Hotels in Cork Ireland. A new U.S. flight destination.

Hotels in Bangkok, ThailandPrices from $23 per night

The delightful capital of tropical Thailand.

Hotels on Phuket Island, ThailandPrices from $36 per night

Phuket one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Hotels in Koh Samui, ThailandPrices from $25 per night

Koh Samui, some brilliant sights and super hotels.

Hotels in York, EnglandPrices from $20 a night

Historic York, founded hundreds of years ago with Roman and Viking ancestry and the second city of Medieval England.

Hotels in Cambridge, UKPrices from $48 per night

Cambridge a historic university city set in amazing countryside.

Hotels in Manchester, EnglandPrices from $35 per night

Great Hotels in the capital of Northern England.

Hotels in Birmingham, EnglandPrices from $40 per night.

Hotels in the second city of England.

Hotels in Antwerp, BelgiumPrices from $37 per night

Antwerp is an amazing city with a beautiful old town and lots to do.

Hotels in Ghent, BelgiumPrices from $65 per night

Ghent, architecture and Renaissance style.

Hotels in Bruges, BelgiumPrices from $65 per night

Bruges.A fairytale Belgian City.

Hotels in Cardiff, WalesPrices from $40 per night.

Hotels in Cardiff, Wales.See Cardiff Castle, major sporting events,Brecon Beacons National Park, or stop off on the way to Ireland.

Hotels in The Hague, The NetherlandsPrices from $43 per night

Hotels in The Hague, capital of the Netherlands.

Hotels Delft, The NetherlandsPrices from $67 per night

Delft is a beautiful city famous for its pottery.

Hotels in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsPrices from $65 per night

Hotels in Rotterdam, commercial center of The Netherlands.

Hotels in Lisbon, PortugalPrices from $56 per night

Hotels in Lisbon on the Portuguese Atlantic coast.

Hotels in Barcelona, SpainPrices from $14 per night

Beautiful Barcelona, jewel of Catalonia.

Hotels Marbella, SpainPrices from $56 per night

Marbella is one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous.The yachts in Puerto Banus are simply amazing.

Hotels in Seville, SpainPrices from $59 per night

Hotels in Seville Spain, a great city with Spanish and Moorish influences.

Hotels in Granada, SpainPrices from $40 per night.

Granada was the capital of Moorish Spain, and a visit to the breath-taking Alhambra Palace will evoke that period.

Hotels in Alicante, SpainPrices from $39 per night

Hotels in Alicante, Spain.Great for the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca and for the resort of Benidorm.

Hotels in Benidorm, SpainPrices from $40 per night.

Try Benidorm, one of the most famous resorts in Spain.Fly into Alicante Airport.

Hotels in BarbadosPrices from $52 per night

Hotels in Barbados

Hotels in GuadeloupePrices from $54 per night

Hotels in Guadeloupe.

Hotels in BaliPrices from $26 per night

Bali, Indonesia.What more could you want ?.

Hotels in Venice, ItalyPrices from $67 per night

Hotels in elegant Venice.

Hotels in Florence, ItalyPrices from $35 per night

Great Value Hotels in artistic Florence.

Hotels in Marseille, FrancePrices from $70 per night

Marseille. The French Riviera begins here !.

Hotels in AthensPrices from $34 per night

Athens, the Cradle of Democracy and of world history.

Hotels in Palermo, SicilyPrices from $67 per night

Sicily is a beautiful and enigmatic island.

Hotels in Turin, ItalyPrices frm $45 per night

Amazing Turin with the Alps as background.

Hotels in Verona, ItalyPrices from $41 per night

Verona, an awesome medieval city.

Hotels in Pisa, ItalyPrices from $70 per night
Hotels in Genoa, ItalyPrices from $67 per night

Genoa one of the pearls of Italy.

Hotels in Rimini, ItalyPrices from $44 per night

A stunning piece of the Italian coast.

Hotels in Bologna, ItalyPrices from $55 per night

One of Italy's bustling but metropolitan and classy Northern cities.

view all hotels

Today's Flight Deals

Flights to

Flights to Europe are the best value of all offers from the US. A great exchange rate for the dollar, and competition among airlines make it a great time to travel to the Old World. This special offer is just $785 return to Germany, the heart of Europe.May/June flights.

$785 return
Flights to

Cheap Flight to London in Mid May as summer begins.Never a better time to be in the British Capital. Last minute flight just $625.

$625 return
Flights to

Prices starting from $684 return for New York- Tenerife in June. A part of Spain off the coast of Africa.

U.S.-Spain (Canary Islands)
$684 return
Flights to

Special offer to the Bulgarian capital from Chicago, in May-June, from $667. This is a cheap early summer flight.

$667 return
Flights to

Fabulously cheap offer from LA to Auckland New Zealand. New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty and was one of the locations for Lord of the Rings and many other movies.

U.S.-New Zealand
$795 return
Flights to

A low low price for a long haul journey in May/June. New York Newark-Mumbai $838. A great place to explore exotic India.

$838 return
Flights to

From New York to Rio de Janeiro, Explore the Latin magic of this magnetic city. Rio is famous for Carnival , but you can party here any time of year. Offer based upon May flights.

$834 return
Flights to

Beijing is still not a major destination on the tourist route, but things are changing.Take in the Forbidden City, and Tianamen Square as you absorb thousands of years of history and culture and of course some amazing food.

$787 return
Flights to

New York (JFK)-Tel Aviv. At a great price in May.

New York (JFK)-Tel Aviv
$670 return
Flights to

We literally could not believe this price.We did a double-check, and to our amazement it is true. Enjoy your time in the wonderful city of Hans Christian Anderson, in June.

San Francisco-Copenhagen
$676 return
Flights to

$874 return to the historic capital of India (based upon flights in May).

New York (JFK)-Delhi, India
$874 return
Flights to

Nairobi, gateway to Kenya, a fabulous jewel in the British Empire , and now a wonderful tourist destination for its wonderful scenery and animal life as well as the famous Masai tribesman, and surely Mount Kilamanjaro must be anyone's bucket list. Amazing last miute price of $710.

New York (JFK)-Nairobi,Kenya
$710 return
Flights to

Time to forget that winter cold and hit the sultry beaches of the Caribbean. Price is for June

Chicago - Kingston Jamaica
$491 return
Flights to

Another great offer from the West Coast to Europe. Great way to get to North Germany too.

Los Angeles - Copenhagen
$508 return
Flights to

Special offer from Miami to Sofia, great price. Travel around 30 May-6 June

Miami - Sofia
$669 return
Flights to

It is time to explore historic, and amazingly beautiful, Croatia, perched on the Adriatic coast, it must be seen to  be believed.

New York-Zagreb Croatia
$499 Return
Flights to

New York to Berlin, once again capital of Germany, forever capital of Prussia ,and site of many architectural wonders such as the Brandenburg Gate, as well as cold war icons like Checkpoint Charlie.

New York (JFK) -Berlin
$549 return
Flights to

Visit stunning Prague in early summer.Beautiful architecture, wonderful restaurants and bars, super beer and rich history.

New York to Prague Czech Republic
$499 Return
Flights to

Boston to Milan, in June, the center of fashion in Italy and all that is stylish in art, couture and culture.An unmissable offer.

U.S.A. - Italy
$562 return
Flights to

Great value direct flight from Victoria British Columbia to London. Just $667 return.$400 cheaper than Seattle in June.

Victoria B.C - London Gatwick
$667 return
Flights to

From Baltimore, Maryland to London for a low price.

Baltimore - London Gatwick
$628 return
Flights to

New York (JFK)-Athens. At a very special price in June.

New York (JFK)-Athens
$596 return
Flights to

Sofia-New York return in June just $448. A great time to visit friends and relatives and soon too.Good flight times.Other times also available. Just check out the search engine.

Sofia-New York
$448 return
Flights to

Miami-Tel Aviv $666 return.Based upon travel in June.

Miami-Tel Aviv
$666 return
Flights to

Special offer New York-Moscow based upon flying in May.

New York (JFK)-Moscow
$502 return
Flights to

Jamaica in  31 May-8 June. A wonderful opportunity.

Boston-Montego Bay, Jamaica
$479 return
Flights to

San Francisco-Paris just $686 based upon travel June.

San Francisco-Paris
$686 return
Flights to

Just $396 return from New York to the Cayman Islands and in June !.

New York-Grand Cayman
$396 return
Flights to

Just launched direct flights frrom New York to Edinburgh just $442 return in July !.

New York (Newburgh)-Edinburgh
$442 return
Flights to

Los Angeles-Bangkok in May.

Los Angeles-Bangkok
$565 return
Flights to

Stunning Phuket Island, Thailand. Amazing price for two weeks in May.

San Francisco-Phuket Thailand
$648 return
Flights to

Los Angeles-Koh Samui Thailand in May for two weeks. A world famous beauty spot.

Los Angeles-Koh Samui Thailand
$804 return
Flights to

New York-Manchester, England in May. A great price. No need to fly to London anymore for North England.

New York(Newark)-Manchester, England
$605 return
Flights to

Just $548 return New York-Stockholm.

New York-Stockholm
$548 return
Flights to

Boston-Birmingham, England just $588 return.

Boston-Birmingham, England
$588 return
Flights to

New York-Brussels $478 return in May.

New York-Brussels
$478 return
Flights to

Boston-Brussels,Belgium in April for an absolutely amazing price of $525 return. There are lots of Hotel offers on our website for all over Belgium and the Netherlands. A great place to start your exploration of this historic and architecturally stunning part of Europe.

Boston-Brussels, Belgium
$525 return
Flights to

Very cheap flight from New York to Lisbon,Portugal in June.

New York (JFK)-Lisbon Portugal
$425 return
Flights to

New York-Rome, in May, just $481.

New York-Rome
$458 return
Flights to

Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia Region and one of the most beautifu cities in Spain. Just $496 return in May.

New York- Barcelona, Spain
$496 Return
Flights to

A May return flight to the historic and beautiful Costa Del Sol city of Granada,and at a great price.

New York (JFK)-Granada,Spain
$688 return
Flights to

Seville is an amazing city.To sit in its famous Spain Square is to feel the history of both Spain itself and its former glories.Plus Seville is close enough to Granada to explore both of these gems of civilization. June flights.

New York (JFK)-Seville, Spain
$650 return
Flights to

Alicante is the gateway to the Beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca , but also cultural centers like Barcelona.Last minute flights for May.

New York (JFK)-Alicante,Spain
$631 return
Flights to

Bali is a magical Island, regualarly voted 'Best Island in the World'. May 31 till June 07 just $796 return.

Los Angeles-Bali
$796 return
Flights to

One of the Caribbeans classiest destinations.

New York-Newark-Guadeloupe St Barts
$898 return
Flights to

New York to Barbados in May.

New York(Newark)-Barbados
$527 return
Flights to

Philadelphia-Rome just $746 return in May.

$746 return
Flights to

Boston - Munich in June. just $618 return. A great base to explore Bavaria and Austria.

Boston - Munich
$618 return
Flights to

New York (JFK)-Marseilles, gateway to the French Riviera just $507 return. Flights in June.

New York (JFK)-Marseille
$507 return
Flights to

What more could you ask ?. Paris in June.

New York-Paris
$567 return
Flights to

A Lovely city at an amazing price in June.

New York-Budapest
$492 return
Flights to

Florida to Spain a very cheap flight.

$564 return
Flights to

Beautiful Palermo,Sicily

New York-Palermo,Sicily
$673 return
Flights to

New York-Turin in June.

New York-Turin, Italy
$683 return
Flights to

Africa is just out there waiting to be explored. Whether it be an adventure Safari, a beach holiday or a business trip, the vast continent provides opportunities for everyone. We offer a remarkable price of $817 for June.

U.S. - Africa
$817 return

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